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The Efficiency of an Absence Management System in FMLA Tracking

Published: January 30, 2017

The US Department of Labor (DoL) mandates the organizations to grant certain essential perks to the employees so that they can maintain a healthy work-life balance and stay dedicated to their jobs. These perks and privileges are mainly offered in the form of bonuses and extra remuneration on each additional hour worked and a specific number of paid leaves. The DoL regulates the wage and overtime regulations through the Fair Labor Standards Act, while the system of PTOS, paid and unpaid leaves is maintained through the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA).

FMLA Tracking is an indispensable task on part of the organizations. It grants the eligible employees with up to 12 workweeks of unpaid leaves in specific situations and maintains the provision of group health benefits, as defined in FMLA, during the leave period. An error, flaw or discrepancy in the leave management system translates as a compliance issue and a breach of basic employee rights and might bring a lawsuit or penalty to the organization. Here’s how the organizations can improve their FMLA tracking procedures through a smart and automated absence management system.

Accurate and Error Free Record

FMLA Tracking does not merely include leave and absence recording and making remittances and deductions accordingly. In certain situation, an employee might opt for paid time-offs instead of opting for extended unpaid leaves. Even if you maintain an accurate record of attendance for each employee, there is a high chance of errors pertaining to leaves and PTOS while generating payroll.

An absence management system is a special software program designed to ensure that all paid time offs and paid and unpaid leaves availed by each employee are fairly recorded and translated into the payroll. This way, an absence management system enhances the accuracy of payrolls and prevents the organization from falling for an FMLA compliance issue.

Efficient and Accurate Remuneration System

An absence management system makes it convenient for the organization to calculate, allot and track the PTO hours and intermittent leaves. An absence management system maintains an efficient record of time, leave and attendance and provides an accurate insight into the number of hours availed by an employee. This automated record helps the organizations to overcome common FMLA time tracking errors such as delayed response to leave requests, delayed or erroneous allotment of leaves and inaccurate calculation of PTO hours balance. All this combined eventually results in an optimized accuracy of time tracking and leave management system.

Streamlined Leave Management Processes

An automated absence management system ensures a better and improved accrual management system by keeping a fair record of leaves and paid time-offs. Aside from the essential FMLA tracking, it also keeps a stringent check on organization’s internal policies pertaining to reinstatement of benefits and accrual expirations.

Accurate, real-time and error-free FMLA tracking is a crucial aspect of the present age workforce management system. An absence management system is a smart tool to leverage the efficiency of workforce management and ensure greater accuracy, and improved efficiency and compliance, pertaining to leave and absence management.

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