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How to Be Productive at Work After the Thanksgiving Long Weekend

Published: November 23, 2016

Flights, dinners, travel, family, friends, watching the parade, are all happening soon. The key is to let yourself enjoy the time off and prepare for what happens when you get back.

A full inbox and VM box are not what you will be looking forward to upon your return. While you might wish to sit at your desk filled with renewed energy and creativity, when you get back to work, you encounter scattered hours, pending projects, angry clients and a deluge of unanswered emails that will make you feel like you are falling into a bottomless pit of despair.

However, with a little help from time management and employee management software, you can say goodbye to all those feelings of despair. The biggest advantage of automated time management software is that it builds a schedule over time that can be customized to produce minimum pile up of work when you are on a vacation. Here are our some of our time-tested tricks that can help you get rid of that post-vacation crush.

Plan Actively

When you are planning to go on a vacation, don’t make the mistakes most people make. They plan for the departure part and don’t really think about their arrival. Planning your time away from work is as important as planning for departure. Manage your return in advance and try to maximize your vacation time by coming back on a Saturday to get a much-needed rest and having the time to get back on your feet before you jump right back into your hectic routine.

Don’t Forget about the Triage

Don’t expect to walk back into the office unless you have a carefully laid out plan – unless off course, you want to be steamrolled. Factor in some transition time and allot time for important meetings and presentations.

At-Vacation Response/

Your out-of-office or away-at-a-vacation automated reply should be straightforward but polite and helpful. For third parties, include a responsible contingency contact number that can help them with any emergency issues that might arise in your absence.

Determine What You Are Running Back Into

Ask yourself the daunting questions that will no doubt prove to be the prelude to disorganization if you ignore them. Find out and get updates on the timeline of the projects that you were/will be working on. What tasks will you have to finish first and when will you catch up in terms of performance with the rest of the team or your peers?

Land on Your Feet

It is important not to waste another minute of your time when you get back. Don’t waste too much time playing catch up. Although HR management software will have your scheduling ready for you when you come back, you will still have to avoid wasting an inordinate amount of time trying to play catch up. Empty your inbox first thing, clean your desk up, review the tasks that you will have to undertake and review the meetings you have to attend and the projects you have to complete. Your management software can be personalized for you to schedule all this stuff yourself too.

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