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Employee Engagement Trends 2016

Published: May 27, 2016

The 2016 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trend Report weighs in on what is important to employees today and the challenges businesses have to ensure they are doing their best to empower and retain their workforce.

Today’s workforce is now very mobile, diverse, and requires a great deal of flexibility both on the employer and employees. 48% of businesses cited employee engagement as a challenge for 2016 and they are now realizing that this isn’t something that can be measured once a year, but continuously in order to improve employee retention and stand a chance in those “best place to work” surveys.

HR’s role within employee engagement is changing drastically with new roles being created in order to listen to the employees and understand their wants and needs. Loyalty to organizations is much lower than in previous years and with social media, job candidates can easily see if a company would be a right fit for them and if it is a great place to be.

Diversity in the workplace is a challenge all on its own. With many types of workers, five generations, and a vast mix or races and cultures, engaging employees is becoming much trickier. Each worker has their own demands and require different types of flexibility and empowerment.

How can companies improve employee engagement and retention?

Assess– Engagement is something that needs to be monitored, measured, and nurtured continuously. You need to know what is working within your different department, what isn’t, and what they would like to see changed. Engagement also varies between team and individual work environments which is why it is best to assess everyone and everything continuously so that engagement levels can increase and employee retention rises.

Involve Everyone – Employee engagement isn’t just for HR to deal with but all management. Everyone should always be listening to their employees and relaying the key information needed in order to drive everything in a positive way.

Change is how employee engagement and retention rises, so listen to your employees, embrace changes.

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