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Published: September 8, 2016

America has more than 150 million paid employees who earn regular wages and the National Payroll Week is a celebration to thank them for their services. Workforce management solutions and payroll departments work together to collect, contribute, report and deposit almost $2.08 trillion in wages every year. 68% of the annual revenue of the U.S. treasury passes through the scrutiny of the payroll withholding system. Excited yet? We are just getting warmed up!

The National Payroll Week takes place in the first week of September and no matter what the size of your organization or firm is, it’s crucial that you make an effort to recognize the efforts of the payroll professionals that have worked hard all year round to ensure that your organization runs smoothly. It is important to recognize, compliment and reward each employee’s contribution to the success of your organization and the realization of your objectives.

This can be essential in lowering absenteeism and employee turnover and can also help provide a healthy boost to productivity.  This week was created by several efforts, among which the American Payroll Association (APA) holds a dominant potion. The main purpose for celebrating this event is to praise and reward the payroll professionals who make sure that each employee in your organization gets their paycheck on time. In addition to that, they also work relentlessly to keep up with the ever-changing federal, regional and local policies and regulations to ensure that the employees don’t have to suffer from unnecessary and costly penalties.

Start Off the Week by Sharing Juicy Tidbits with Your Employees

The Getting Paid In America survey is something that most of your employees might not be familiar with. So, why not start the National Payroll Week by helping the staff share how they receive their paychecks. Offering an informative outlet to your employees can be quite productive. It can pave the way for you to incorporate innovative workforce solutions such as time and attendance solutions in order to get a firsthand knowledge about how they receive the idea. This will also allow the employees to interact with each other and to understand the responsibilities of the payroll professional in a better way.

Through a Party

This is probably a no-brainer. Having an office BBQ or a short trip to a picturesque location or a resort can be a wonderful way to celebrate this occasion. Amplify the fun with games, food and some attractive promotional gifts and decorations. Help your employees get in the spirit by publishing articles and newsletter in anticipation of the National Payroll Week. These parties can serve as a wonderful way to say thank you to the payroll department, who can also share exemplary tips on how they can save or stretch their paychecks.

Encourage Volunteering

The payroll professionals who teach young children and young adults about the basics of a paycheck and the payroll process get a re-certification credit from the APA. Encourage the employees from the payroll department to take part in the Money Matters National Education Day on September 10, 2016, to help give something back to the community.

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