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Make your payroll process hassle-free with internationally renowned payroll software, designed and built around your needs.

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Track your workforce’s hours and automatically interface to payroll

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Ensure your payroll stays on top of tax regulations

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Run reports and audits at the touch of a button

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You can save time, money and effort. Alleviate the pressure on over-stretched HR teams of any size by accessing at-a-glance information on your business. Employee records are securely stored in the HR system – through cloud, on-premise solutions or a hybrid solution of the two – our system delivers centralised location for all employee details, contracts, holiday, benefits, training and qualifications. This is HR management made simple. Read more

With this payroll solution, you can:

  • See at-a-glance information on all aspects of your workforce
  • Increase your HR department efficiency
  • Track processes and be reminded of important dates or renewal timescales to ensure there’s no lapse in accreditation or qualification
  • See point-in-time analysis of your workforce
  • Use in-built calculations for holiday and sick pay, removing the risk of payment errors
  • Map employee data against the Bradford Factor
  • Automate process tracking, allowing you to more easily manage processes such as retirement or disciplinary procedures
  • Add document filters so you can find what you’re looking for quickly and accurately.
Using effective HR software integrated into your payroll system will change the way you work forever. Take the first step towards a simpler, more streamlined HR solution today.

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